ESSKA Advanced Methodological Course - ALL about clinical studies and publishing

4rd edition – Luxembourg / June 16th 2023​

This ESSKA course, which is held parallel to the program of the GOTS congress, aims to gain pratical knowledge in planning, conducting and publishing clinical studies. Through this course, we would like to share with you as many tips and tricks as possible on how we organise our research activities, how we manage time contraints and parallel activities.

This course is dedicated to anyone regardless of background or research experience.  It is much more than just a theoritical course and should be foressen as a real opportunity to exchange about practical experiences, mistakes and difficulties.

Anyone registered to the GOTS congress can register for free to any session on a first come first served basis. 

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Developing a research study

Identifying relevant literature and understanding current evidence

Learn to efficiently design your study (define the question, subject eligibility,
outcomes, checklists) and avoid common mistakes and bias to ensure validity

Robert Prill (Germany)

Aleksandra Królikowska (Poland)


Conducting clinical studies

Good clinical practices and medical devices regulation

The art of organizing visits and collecting data

How to ensure data quality and confidentiality?

Laetitia Garcia (Luxembourg)


Interactive session / Round table – discuss with experts

Why choosing research?

How to handle research in parallel of clinical requirements?

How to find a good work life balance?

What are the mandatory knowledges and skills to acquire?

What are the opportunities to take and the mistakes to avoid?

Romain Seil (Luxembourg)

Jacques Menetrey (Switzerland)



Optimise your chances to get published

The writing process

Structure and logical flow

Train for effective communication

Caroline Mouton (Luxembourg)