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All city tours are offered and guided by ‘Luxembourg City Tourist Office’. We are pleased to offer the following city tour at a discounted price to the participants of the GOTS Congress. The city tour is also available for accompanying persons. Please indicate in the free field of the online form the name of the person who will participate in the city tour. Booking is only available via the Online-Registration from 01 May 2023.

Race along with us for a good cause!

On Saturday morning, June 17, 2023 at 7:00 a.m. the GOTS Charity-Run will start from Parc Hote Alvisse with a course of about 3 km. The Charity-Run collects a starting fee of 10 euros for all individual and corporate runners and donates it to a charitable regional project.

In Luxembourg, the entry fee and donations go to the Sherpa Nepalhilfe organization.

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The incidents in 2014 and 2015 hit the Nepalese population hard. A year after the biggest disaster in the history of Mount Everest, the small country was hit by a catastrophe of immense proportions on April 25, 2015. A severe earthquake destroyed houses and infrastructure, there were almost 9,000 fatalities, 22,200 injured, and around 1,062,000 buildings were completely or partially destroyed.
A few hours after the earthquake, Dr. Matthias Baumann traveled to Nepal and operated on earthquake victims with broken bones. Back in 2014, the trauma surgeon from Tübingen was on site as a mountaineer and expedition doctor during the avalanche disaster in the Khumbu Icefall and organized the initial medical treatment of the avalanche victims. He then visited all the families of the deceased Sherpas to deliver the first donations. Back in Germany, he collected further donations to set up sponsorships for the affected Sherpa children. These events had a great impact on Baumann. He founded the Sherpa Nepalhilfe to support the mountain population of Nepal after natural disasters and mountain accidents. In the meantime, Sherpa Nepalhilfe has built 3 schools, a community center, a well and a hospital (Himalayan Sherpa Hospital).

Help with your donation too.

Known as the seat of several EU institutions, cycling is also a big deal in Luxembourg: the country has produced several successful cyclists and is also regularly passed through by the Tour de France. Cycling enthusiasts can ride through the Ardennes here and be impressed by steep cliffs, forested hills and hidden valleys.

Our congress president Dr. Nührenbörger accompanied by the Schleck brothers invite you to a cycling tour on Saturday, 17 June, 2023 starting at 15:00 in Luxembourg. Details will follow shortly.

Start is at the Parc Hotel Alvisse! You can choose between a cosy 50 km route (Routenverlauf) or a somewhat sportier route over 80 km. (Routenverlauf) Racing bikes* can be rented and prepared with desired pedals.

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Please note, the cycling tour is at your own risk. 

*If you need a rental bike, please state your body size or the desired bike size and pedal-click system when registering. There is a fee of 35,-€ for the rental bike. 

Andy (Tour de France Winner 2010) & Fränk Schleck (Tour de Suisse Winner 2010)


Mosell © Thomas Linkel

Pont Adolphe © MIH/Focalize

Mullerthal © MIH/Focalize